Pool & Wellness

Indulge your senses, dedicate time to yourself...

Indoor pool

An infinity pool with salt water and a stunning view of the natural beauty of Kopaonik will make your swimming, enjoyment, and relaxation perfect. Thanks to the most modern water electrolysis device, you’ll feel like you’re swimming in seawater.

Bio sauna

Suitable for those who do not tolerate the high temperatures of traditional saunas. You can stay longer in a bio sauna without discomfort. It has positive effects on body health, contributes to skin detoxification from fats and acids.

Finnish sauna

The heat in the Finnish sauna promotes circulation, leading to increased sweating. This helps in detoxifying the body, making the skin afterward soft, clean, and smooth, and muscles relax, reducing stress.

Steam bath

The high temperature and humidity in the steam bath encourage the elimination of toxins from the body, cell regeneration, and the steam effect cleanses the respiratory tract, enhancing skin’s elasticity, softness, and radiance.

Salt room

The entire surface of the salt room is covered with natural rock salt creating a sterile environment full of negative ions. Salt is crushed using a special device, the finest and smallest particles reach the lungs, while the larger ones will stay in the nose and throat. The room is suitable for those with respiratory and skin problems, allergies and is simply adequate for relaxing and enjoyment.  

Tepidariums and relaxation room

A separate area with three warm benched (tepidariums) and several lounge chairs creates a corner meant for complete relaxation after the use of all other amenities. An incredible view onto the natural beauties of Kopaonik, surrendering to one’s own thoughts, reading one’s favorite book, without any noise and without one’s cell phone leads to the ultimate relaxation of body and soul.


We thought of every detail, so in our facility, you can book various types of massages. Enjoy, relax, and feel better in the skilled hands of our therapists. For all information about the schedule and type of massage you want, ask our staff at the reception.

Outdoor jacuzzi

It’s a wonderful feeling to enjoy the Jacuzzi in the fresh mountain air, under the starry sky of Kopaonik, and with a view of Treska. It’s ideal to use after daily activities, skiing, or walking. It will relax your muscles and completely relax you.